How to wash 4F sportswear?

How to wash 4F sportswear?

Do you often run or workout? Then you must realise  that nothing else needs as frequent refreshing and care as sportswear.

Do you know, though, how to wash your training-clothes correctly to avoid ruining them and how to make sure you do not destroy the material by washing out its technical properties? If you do not, you will learn everything from the guidelines below.

General Suggestions:

  1. Do not bleach.
  2. Do not dry clean.
  3. Wash inside out.
  4. Do not dry on radiators.
  5. Wash with similar colours.
  6. Do not tumble-dry .
  7. Wash in temperatures suggested on the tag.
  8. Do not iron (sportswear does not require ironing).

Hand or machine wash?

Remember  that dirty clothing is less effective in transporting moisture away from your body.  That is why it is important  to wash your sportswear practically straight after you  finish  your workout. This way you can prevent dirt and unpleasant smell from ‘’soaking’’ deep into the structure of the material.

When it comes to the washing itself, the GOLDEN RULE is: “Be careful about the temperature!” In case of sportswear, an effective and safe way is washing it by hand  or at the temperature of 30 degrees. If you have a washing machine with a delicate-fabric wash cycle (hand wash/sportswear), go for it!

Remember, though, to set the delicate spin because a high spin setting can result in  stretching your  clothing by even a few sizes. 

Powder or washing liquid?

During  washing do not use any fabric softeners .They can negatively affect the technical properties of the clothing.

As you know, thermoactive clothing adjoins the body so choose detergents with extreme care to avoid skin irritation.

Besides, try not to use regular washing powder that is quite a "strong" detergent, which can have a negative effect on the structure and properties of the garment.

It would be much better to use delicate baby powders, lotions,  washing capsules  or specialized detergents dedicated to sportswear. They can be bought in bottles (500ml) or disposable, smaller sachets (90ml) in every 4F shop.


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