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4F brand

4F is a sportswear experience brand created from passion for sports with an utmost attention to high-quality fabrics, modern technologies and trendy design.

Our four F’s stand for Freedom, Fashion, Future and Fit.
4F cares about the appearance of our products and embrace the joy that training brings to our customers.
4F thinks about new technologies, suitable for both present and next generations of athletes.
4F takes part in the largest global sports events and engages in the lives of local sports teams.
4F inspires people to start their adventure with sports and encourages them to make it a part of their daily life.

Discover our collections and decide what 4F means to you.

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Winter 2018 collection

4F Winter 2018 collection provides a complete range of skiing apparel that meets the needs of skiers on any skill level. The offer divided into such categories as Comfort, Advanced and HQ Performance, presents a variety of shapes, styles and technologies designed to be individually mixed and matched to personal tastes and requirements. Top quality fabrics, membranes and insulations provide durability, as well as waterproof and coldproof protection, even in extreme conditions. Cutting-edge technologies and functional design ensure comfort on the slope. The collection uses such renowned technologies as Primaloft, Dermizax and 4F NeoDry membrane.

Chosen by athletes

Thanks to our close collaboration with professional sports environment and athletes, 4F now designs official Olympic outfits for 6 national representations and various international sports associations. We are also a Presenting Partner of the most important ski jumping competition, The Four Hills Tournament, and the alpine skiing world championship in Cortina, Italy 2021.


In 2008 4F started cooperation with the Polish Olympic Committee, and since then it now dresses 6 national representations - teams of Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Latvia, Greece and Macedonia. Each collection is designed through a 2-years-long process by a team of specialized sportswear designers and technologists. The brand has already dressed athletes for Summer and Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, London, Sochi, Rio de Janeiro, PyeongChang and the works on Tokyo 2020 are already in progress. The brand is also in constant collaboration with national sports associations of such disciplines as skiing, biathlon, athletics, handball and speed skating.

Olympic Committee
Olympic Committee
Olympic Committee
Olympic Committee
The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Olympic Committee
Olympic Committee


Furthermore, 4F constantly collaborates with individually selected professional athletes, gaining from their personal insights and experience. The group of brand ambassadors, testing and training in our apparel, includes such athletes as Polish tennis player Łukasz Kubot, Czech sprinter specialising in the 400 metres Patrik Šorm and Latvian alpine skier Miks Zvejnieks.

Łukasz Kubot
Stéphane Antiga
Maciej Kot
Miks Zvejnieks
Patrik Šorm

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